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Submitted Maps / Mysterious Void- Current Release v0.1b [WIP]
« on: 21 August, 2013, 06:51:57 PM »
Note moderators/admins: This is intended to be a full fledged campaign at some point in the future. If it deserves to be moved into the Campaign Thread at any point, feel free to do so.

Blurgh... I'd do a fancy little opening post and whatnot, but it's like 1:30am, I'm buzzed on energy drinks, and I have no patience... Here's some quick info instead.

I've been planning this campaign to be an active development cycle. Think like Minecraft or Team Fortress 2 style patches/updates. I've worked 5 days on this project, and it's pretty bare-bones as hell. Hell, it first went under the name Ascension, because of the over-arching goal of "getting to the top of something big". Then I decided that name was gay and nothing in the current version really felt like it was worthy of the title "Ascension". So I used a different motif, changed around a few filenames. In this current version, it's just a sampler of the things to come. Don't try to be immersed in the story or atmosphere just yet, that'll come after I finish up Surreal Dreams. The level structure will be this. Five rooms per level, five level, one puzzle. Grand total? 25 puzzles. The current release I'm putting out as-is for the intent of community feedback, featuring alpha-as-fuck level 1. If Team Psykskaller decide it isn't worth patching in the 10 minute demo for now, I'll be including a download link here. The goal of this is to challenge the player's thinking more-so than a normal map would, and focus less on combat. And the Nightmare mode challenge? Playing the map without ANY tapes.

With all that said, I'll be making a key of update types to signify changes. The number denotes the current working level, the letter indicates the phase, with as meaning alpha, bs meaning beta, and cs being completed. Alphas will be handed to a select group of people for testing and feedback, while Betas are open to the community, and Completed maps will no longer accept any feedback for changes or suggestions. After v0.5c, the campaign will go live as 100% completed.

If you've managed to read this far into the topic, you deserve preview screenshots and a download link. :joebiden:


Tutorials / Mapping Tips (General)
« on: 19 August, 2013, 05:39:08 PM »
First of all, I feel there is a need for a thread here in the tutorials board for helping each other by sharing our collective knowledge and experience from our different skill levels. I know this isn't exactly tutorial information, but tips and pointers are a valid form of knowledge. Feel free to add on to this list or ask questions.

With that out of the way I'd like to share 5 of my personal tips with level design in general.

1. Always stay within the set of skills you have. I've had many private projects that couldn't get off the ground because of my wild imagination. If you aren't exactly comfortable timing multi_managers and other on/off entities, you should practice more with them.

2. Know the engine limitations. Again, this is similar to my first point. Hammer/WorldCraft is not the same as MineCraft WorldEdit. This is a huge problem for many people, not knowing the maximum extents of the world, being unable to avoid engine errors, and the maximum amounts of ents/mobs/functions. An example of this is every Garry's Mod map when you have vehicle mods and cramped levels to use them in.

3. Outline your goals. Well I can't really say the "going with the flow" option is really bad or good when designing a level, I often times find myself sitting on my ass not being able to decide with which angle I should go for, especially after jotting down multiple ideas for a level. Infact, more can be acomlplished in a shorter amount of time if you have a roadmap of what you plan on doing.

4. Stick to a theme/atmosphere. Think about it in real life. Would it make sense to be in dark spooky woods when all of a sudden, a sand worm jumps out at you? Or how about being swarmed by ice spiders in a volcano? These clashing ideas are extreme opposites for effect, but in rare cases can be pulled off successfully (ie 4ShitzN'Giggles mods) However, the general consensus is to keep your theme steady, gradually shift it if need be, and keep the atmosphere(s) consistent. TF2's Meet the Pyro short is a good example of this. While parts of it are in cute and cuddly Pyroland, and the reality is portrayed as brutal and voilent, it works because TF2 doesn't take itself seriously, and it's theme can accommodate that. Having Simon dream about living in Ponyville and then having him running away from 30+ :sawcrazy:  and  :chainsaw:  wouldn't work too well in CoF's case.

5. Have confidence in your work. Respond to criticism as a chance to improve and learn. Even the masters aren't truly gods at it. (Although 10 years is a long time to get used to something) And have fun while making your game/level/mod/add-on/etc.

Help / What are the Hammer Units in scale to the player?
« on: 18 August, 2013, 05:29:15 PM »
I ask because I was reading up several mapping articles and came across a list of the Standard dimensions list for Half Life.

Is the player height, running speed, air physics and weight the same as in vanilla Half Life?
From what I can tell, the only additions to movement in Cry of Fear seem to be stumbling, stamina, realistic ladders, and the slowdown effect of ironsights.

General Discussion / The OS Wars- Which system do you prefer?
« on: 30 July, 2013, 05:53:45 AM »
How about we discuss operating systems and which systems qualify as PC master race. I'll start. I use Linux/Windows 8. I'd roll back to Windows 7, but I actually paid money for my copy of Windows 8, so I am required to use it. For Linux, I run like 15 variations of Debian and Ubuntu. Thank god that Linux versions stack over the shared files.

Video Games and Consoles / Valve Pipeline
« on: 14 July, 2013, 05:41:19 AM »
What do you guys think of the new project over at Valve?

Personally, I think it would be great for people like me. The young teenage crowd wanting to know how to get into the gaming industry. (Plus I want to work at Valve, even planning a move to Seattle/Bellevue). It'd help me prepare for college and university too...

My question is, would it be possible to mod the Half-Life engine to accept better gamepad support?
Cry of Fear could work great with console-style controlls. (Seeing as how unlikely a normal console or linux port is) I apologize if something similar has been suggested or if it "Will Never Be Added"

Xbox controllers could work like:

A = Jump
B = Crouch
X = Interact
Y = Weapon Slot 1
RB = Weapon Slot 2
LB = Weapon Slot 3
RT = Fire
LT = Ironsight/Scope
LS Press = Melee
RS Press = Sprint
DPadUp = Weapon Mode Switch
DPadLeft = Notes
DPadRight = Reload
DPadDown = Flashlight
Start = Menu key
Select/Back = Inventory

Help / Strange entity placement behaviour
« on: 07 July, 2013, 03:10:47 PM »
I've been getting weird issues with Hammer regarding placing entities and functions in CoF maps being placed as strange rectangles of various sizes and colours. When I am placing the entities it can clearly say the (entities) and name of the ent I am trying to place, but the game world view cam shows it as a primitive and rectangle when selected.

Linking to an image album because of image size

Third one is what the entities are supposed to be.

The required amount of members has been reached. We are no longer accepting newcomers. We could fit in a few members, No longer restricted to new mappers....

Deadline has been confirmed. Mid-August. Between the 14th and 21st. Bumped to October/November. I swear this needs to be finished by then.

A few members don't seem much proactive anymore, and Peanut seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Hopes not looking too good. School for me starts next month too...

The overall theme of project has been decided by me, ZikShadow and Peanut. It will be set up in a fashion that allows the player to pick a level from a hub room and choose which order to play it in. Each room will lead to a mapper's level and reward the player with one key to continue to another area from the hub and one artifact to unlock a part of Simon's mind, similar to the paintings from Mario 64 and the puzzle from the Forest Temple in Zelda: Ocarina of Time with the Poe Sisters. There shall be a recurring enemy throughout the campaign known as "Sword", who will be seen throughout the levels in jumpscares and in miniboss fights, ending in a penultimate boss fight with him in the finale. The collab has been named Surreal Dreams, as it will be presented in a dreamlike format, with each dream being a nightmare Simon has to "repair". The levels will linked by the hub.

Proof of my illiteracy with hammer for those infidels doubtful people who cannot believe me. :joebiden:

If the image is too big, I apologize as I cannot find out if the spoiler tags work here.
And if this thread belongs in a different board, feel free to move it.

List of those wishing to join my cult devoted to Cthulhu project:

Myself -Leader, Manager -Mapper (Maze, 75%)
FoxMcCloud -Beta Tester -Mapper (Hub 90%)
Peanut -Project Chief -Mapper (Stadium ?%) -Map fixer
CthePredatorG -Mapper (Street ?%)
ZikShadow -Co-editor in Chief -Mapper (Finale 100%) -Map fixer
Chris0Matic -Mapper (? ?%)

First off, I haven't been able to see a Pokemon Thread around here, aside from the fusion generator one. Secondly, I would love to know if any of you guys plan on buying X or Y, or even both! I also intend for this place to discuss general things about Pokemon, including the meta game, story, and news and features. This place seems a bit lacking in the RPG genre of games as well, so I may expand this thread to cover all other RPGs as well if the demand is high enough.

Personally, I'd say I love what we've been able to see so far in terms of the Gen VI updates, including the concept of Sky battles and Horde encounters, but the inclusion of Fairy types incredibly fucks up the unbalanced Dragon meta game, which took them 14 fucking years to fix gives a new strategic edge to a stagnant type chart. As for my choice of game this generation, I'd say Pokemon Y, due to Yveltal being a bitch-ass mo' fo'. :joebiden:

I ask this because I had just donated recently and received the rank and TMP pretty quick. (Ingeniously done making the game recognize donator status from the Steam Group, James) After I did a new speedrun of the game however, I did not see my name in the list of credits. So my question is, should it be displaying the list of donators dynamically from Steam, or is it hardwired into the game until the next patch/hotfix/update?

Was the MP3 player removed between patch 1.55 and the Standalone? The command seems to still be included but seems to do nothing, and yet the MP3 related files are still in the folder tree, including the playlist builder. And if so that it was actually removed, was there a good reason for it? I'm kinda sad I can't play ridiculously unfitting music within the game AND have the ingame music shut up while keeping the sound effects.

As asked in the topic title, how would I go about moving all my files?
I've been playing this game since July/August 2012 and have nearly gotten 100% on the game.
(Also, just now noticed the forums exists and donating perks, Would've been around a lot longer  ;) )

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