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Modding Help / Playermodels don't move legs ingame?
« on: 15 June, 2015, 09:54:13 AM »
Okay, it's simple I have a model... let's call "Kevin Ryman" Right? :joebiden:
Right! Mr Ryman are a special model, I porting this model to RECB, it's all perfect, I compile the model, I testing the model in Model Viewer, all it's good, faster, simple... etc... etc...
BUT! when I test the playermodel in RECB (in game of course), this don't move legs... IT HAS FROZEN LEGS...  :stig:

Now... the question it's How do I fix ?! ...
I have fix this problem one time... but... only are one time  :joebiden:

Thanks 4 read.
PD: sorry my BAD english!!

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