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I'm really sorry, guys.  :'( I haven't been working on my map for a week! I just got a new job and I've been in training for quite a bit. I will pick up on my part as soon as I can. once again, I'm really sorry.

P.S. Can anyone skype with me to help me through the mapping process? I just do better with someone verbally teaching me.

@Space Porygon
Okay just to ask what kind of map do you want Me to make? I was thinking that I would make a model of my neighborhood street.

Great! but I need training...

I've never modded before, and I need some training, so if your willing to give me some training, I would love to help.

Donate / Re: Donate and support the team!
« on: 08 July, 2013, 01:22:56 PM »
I just donated $15 as well! Now I just have to wheel myself away from that sawrunner! LOL

 :sawcrazy: :wheelchair:

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